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Prepare yourself for the future of education with our interactive online course,
How to Design Learning in the Digital Age“.

Associate Professor Fei Victor LIM is a distinguished education researcher specializing in multimodality in education, encompassing areas like digital learning and multimodal discourse analysis. Guided by the belief that literacy education should evolve with the digital age, Victor is renowned for his contributions both in academia and in practice. He’s authored books under Routledge, served as editor and board member for several esteemed journals, and has taken leadership roles in prominent educational organizations. With a foundation as a teacher, Victor advanced to influential roles in the Singapore Ministry of Education, contributing to pivotal projects like the ICT in Education Masterplan. His experience spans from policy formulation to consulting with global institutions like the World Bank on digital skills.

Throughout this course, you'll:

Discover the rise and influence of AI in education, and explore the new possibilities for personalized learning.

Learn to design meaningful learning experiences using AI, leveraging tools such as intelligent tutoring and AI-powered coaching.

Dive into various ways of demonstrating learning with AI, exploring technologies like intelligent feedback systems and AI-driven adaptive learning pathways.

Benefits you'll take away:

Get ahead in your profession by understanding the latest advancements in AI and education.

Enhance your teaching methodologies by integrating AI tools, thereby creating more engaging and effective learning experiences.

Learn to use AI tools for diverse and comprehensive assessment methods, catering to different learning styles and needs.

After completing the course:


You will be given access to a Self-Directed Learning (SDL) portal, where you can:

Access extensive course materials and an exclusive recording of the course session.

Test and reinforce your learning through a set of curated questions.

On successful completion of the SDL, you will receive a Certificate of Participation, marking your achievement in understanding and implementing AI in education.


This course is essential for educators, instructional designers, educational administrators, EdTech professionals, policymakers, students, and research scholars. No matter your role in shaping the future of education, this course provides the knowledge and skills to effectively use AI in your approach.

Make an investment in your future and the future of education.

Enroll in “How to Design Learning in the Digital Age” today.