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About SingEd Academy

Our Story

Founded in late 2022, SingEd Academy stems from the vision of the renowned Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Group, which began its illustrious journey back in 2018. What started with just 300 students and 20 teachers in Singapore, has now flourished into a grand network of 9 campuses across 5 countries, touching the lives of over 3,000 students and engaging 350 passionate educators.

With the inception of SingEd Academy, our goal has been simple yet ambitious – to pioneer professional learning within our Invictus schools and ensure consistent, high-caliber teaching and learning experiences for our diverse student body. By leveraging the wealth of expertise garnered from managing the Invictus international schools, SingEd Academy is poised to redefine professional learning and educational consulting in Asia.

Our Legacy

Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Group, our parent entity, has been a force to be reckoned with in the Asian educational landscape. The Invictus group of international schools, under its umbrella, stands testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class education inspired by the best practices from international and Singaporean curricula.


To promote and support innovative and research-informed professional practices among educators to empower lives through relevant and sustainable education.


To maximise professional learning potential to enrich lives with quality learning for tomorrow’s world.

Our Team

Comprising a dynamic core team of seasoned facilitators with rich experience in school leadership from both Singaporean public and private sectors, as well as international schools, SingEd Academy is backed by unparalleled expertise. Moreover, our expansive network of educators, school leaders, and academics from around the world ensures that we remain at the forefront of educational trends and practices.

Our Programs & Initiatives

Our schools are not just academically rigorous but also diverse in their offerings. From the globally recognized Cambridge International curriculum to specialized programs such as Singapore Mathematics, Chinese Bicultural programme, Virtues Project programme, and the FabLab Academy programme, we aim to holistically nurture our students. Furthermore, as the Asian Regional Education Hub for the FabLab Academy, innovation is at the heart of our pedagogical practices.

Our Growth

Since our inception, we’ve been privileged to conduct professional learning workshops for over 250 educators spanning countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. This is just the beginning, and we are steadfast in our commitment to shaping the educational leaders of tomorrow.