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Educational Consulting

Our seasoned team of experts is equipped to guide, advise, and facilitate solutions across various domains:

System or School Strategic Planning in Education

Building a roadmap for educational institutions to achieve their long-term objectives.

Educational Policy Formulation and Implementation

Crafting meaningful policies that are not only effective but also easy to implement.

Quality Assurance and School Improvement Strategies

Introducing measures that ensure the highest standards of education and institutional improvements.

Curriculum Planning and Development

Tailoring curriculum to be in line with the latest global standards and local requirements.

Use of Technologies for Learning

Integrating the latest technology to elevate the learning experience.

Inclusive Education and Learning Support

Ensuring that every learner gets an equal opportunity to excel.

Professional Learning Workshops

Dedicated sessions facilitated by our experienced team on:

Singapore Education System

An in-depth look into one of the world’s most successful educational systems.

Quality Assurance for Education

Establishing a benchmark for educational excellence.

School Leadership

Empowering leaders of tomorrow with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

Techniques that enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Coaching/Mentoring for School Leaders

Our personal touch to leadership development:

One-to-one Coaching/Mentoring

Personalized sessions targeting individual growth areas.

Small Group Coaching/Mentoring

Collaborative learning environments fostering shared experiences and growth.


Stay updated with the latest trends and practices in education:

Eight Webinars Annually

Covering a broad spectrum of topics from educational developments to best practices.

Schedule & Topics

Access our calendar to stay updated with upcoming webinars.

Self-Directed Learning Professional Learning Modules

(Launching Q2 2024)

Empower yourself with our unique self-paced learning modules:

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Expertly Crafted Content

Modules crafted by our seasoned educators ensuring comprehensive learning.

At SingEd Academy, we understand the dynamic nature of education. As such, we do not offer standard workshops or coaching/mentoring services. Instead, we customize our services according to the identified professional learning needs of our clients. Dive deeper into each of our services to understand how we can tailor our offerings to your needs. 

Contact us for bespoke solutions or to discuss how we can assist you further.