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By: Mr Tan Yap Kwang

Mr. Tan Yap Kwang, a graduate from Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada, began his career in the Singapore Education Service after earning degrees in Physics and Education. Furthering his education at the University of London Institute of Education, he achieved a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Education Statistics. Within the Ministry of Education, Mr. Tan held multiple positions, including the Director for Planning, Educational Technology, and Examinations divisions. He was instrumental in crafting the Ministry’s inaugural IT Masterplan as the Director of Educational Technology. In 2004, Mr. Tan assisted in the formation of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), serving as its first Chief Executive. During his SEAB tenure, he introduced significant reforms to Singapore’s National Examinations, including taking more control over GCE O-level and A-level examinations in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment.

Join Tan Yap Kwang, former Chief Executive of Singapore Examination and Assessment Board, to explore how generative AI can revolutionize student assessments.

This webinar is your opportunity to delve into the evolving intersection of AI and education. Discover the transformative potential of AI, especially generative AI, in reshaping student assessments. Learn how innovative technologies like chatGPT4 can provide immediate, detailed feedback, design diverse and conceptually robust questions, and offer personalized learning resources.

By attending this webinar, you will not only gain knowledge about the current applications of AI in education but also understand its potential future trajectory. For educators and administrators, this could mean developing more efficient assessment methods, fostering enhanced learning environments, and contributing towards better student outcomes. For EdTech professionals, the insights gained could open up new avenues for product development and innovation.

What will you learn?

Experience Immediate, Detailed Feedback

Dive into a new era of formative assessments where students and teachers receive immediate, comprehensive feedback. Understand strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and adjust teaching strategies with ease.

Personalized Feedback for Student Writing

Discover how student writing can be assessed with precision and personalization. Enhance writing skills with specific improvement suggestions, all tailored to the individual student's needs.

Interactive Quizzes with Real-Time Feedback:

Explore the power of interactive quizzes that provide immediate, insightful feedback. Learn why answers are correct or incorrect, gain additional context, and discover new resources for learning - all in real time.

Informal Classroom Assessment Resources

Uncover the potential of resources designed for informal classroom assessments. Gain a deeper understanding of student learning in a relaxed, less formal setting, and gather additional insights that traditional assessments might miss.

Essay Writing Resources

Master the art of essay writing with AI-generated resources. Learn how to structure an essay, develop compelling arguments, and use evidence effectively. Improve essay writing skills and produce high-quality essays with confidence.

Professional Benefits & Implementation:

Improved Learning Experiences: Incorporate AI in your teaching methodology to create engaging, personalized learning experiences for your students, leading to improved outcomes and retention rates.

Efficient Assessment Methods: Use AI for designing and grading assessments, saving countless hours spent on traditional methods. AI can also provide detailed, immediate feedback, helping students improve rapidly.

Innovative Product Development: EdTech professionals can leverage the insights from this webinar to ideate and develop AI-based products that align with the changing landscape of education.

Future-Ready: By understanding the potential of AI in education, you’ll be prepared to adapt to future technological advancements, keeping your teaching methods or products relevant and effective.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, 6th September, 4:00 PM


Yap Kwang TAN
(Former CEO of Singapore Examination and Assessment Board)

Who should attend?

This webinar is a must-attend for educators, academic administrators, EdTech professionals, and anyone interested in the transformative power of AI in education.

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