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Leading Learning for the FutureProfessional Learning by Teachers for Teachers

Sing-Ed Academy exemplifies unparalleled dedication to professional learning and educational consultancy. Rooted in the esteemed Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Group, our journey began with a vision to reshape education, making it more accessible and innovative for students across Asia.

Today, we expand that vision, ensuring educators and leaders are empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to create transformative learning experiences.

Founded in 2018, Sing-Ed Academy is the professional learning branch of the Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Group, which oversees Invictus International Schools in 5 countries. The Academy emphasizes enhancing educator practices, working alongside partners like FabLab Academy to meld international and Singaporean educational approaches for innovative growth.

Our Origins and Growth


Established in 2022, Sing-Ed Academy is a proud member of the Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Group. Our journey began with the ambition of making quality education accessible and redefining the boundaries of academic excellence in Asia.

Rapid Expansion

From humble beginnings with just 300 students and 20 teachers in Singapore, today, our influence spans across 9 campuses in 5 countries, nurturing approximately 3,000 students under the guidance of 350 dedicated teachers.

Our Affiliations

Invictus International Schools

As the operational and managerial body behind the Invictus International School group, we’ve been instrumental in delivering quality education across multiple countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

FabLab Academy Partnership

As the Asian Regional Education Hub for the FabLab Academy, we’ve collaborated closely with this international network of labs, founded by MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld. Through this, we offer innovative programs that emphasize digital fabrication, nurturing a new generation of thinkers and creators.

Educational Philosophy and Core Offerings

Best of Both Worlds

Our pedagogical approach marries the best of international and Singaporean educational practices, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Specialized Programs

We believe in broadening horizons. Beyond the standard curriculum, we offer specialized programs that include Singapore Mathematics, Chinese Bicultural programs, the Virtues Project program, and more. These initiatives ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education, preparing them not just for exams, but for life.

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

Embracing the Future

In this rapidly advancing digital age, we recognize the importance of integrating technology into education. Our schools are equipped with transformative technologies designed to maximize learning potential and foster opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Online Learning

With the onset of 2024, we are excited to launch self-directed professional learning modules for online education, ensuring that no matter where you are, quality education from Sing-Ed Academy remains within your reach.

Join the Transformation

At SingEd Academy, we believe in the power of education. Not just as a tool for imparting knowledge, but as a means to transform lives. From our beginnings in Singapore to our outreach across Asia, our commitment has been unwavering – to create environments where learning thrives. As we move forward, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, let’s shape the future of education.

Take the first step towards an empowering journey in education with Sing-ED Academy.
Together, we empower, inspire, and transform.